Manchester United and Arsenal engage in Stadium Fisticuffs.

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In a runaway mine train of oneupmanship, Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger has responded to The Lord of the Ferg’s chuntering on about the abuse he received at the Emirates Stadium by describing the abuse HE gets at Old Trafford. Fergie was very dismissive of the security at the Emirates Stadium but now Wenger has hit back, saying:

“I was surprised that Alex Ferguson came out and said it was played in a bad spirit and a bad atmosphere. I didn’t have that feeling. although I didn’t sit on their bench. But I can tell you, I could get some dossier together from Manchester United when I go there.”

So Wenger gets abuse at Old Trafford and Fergie gets rollocked at the Emirates – is this really any surprise, and is it really worse than having your crotch assaulted at a train station Sir Alex?…

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