Reading and Man Utd bosses agree about “Them Foreigners”

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Foreigners eh? Coming over here, playing our football (much better than us), sleeping with our page 3 girls, owning our mock-Tudor mansions. Send ’em back, that’s what we say and they can take they superior skills and fine cuisine with them. They aren’t a patch on Nicky Hunt or Leroy Lita, that’s for sure.

Have we been spending too much time with Steve Coppell? Or just reading about him on the BBC?

Reading manager Steve Coppell says quotas on English players in Premier League teams are necessary in order to improve the national side.

He believes the structure of English football is “a recipe for non-success at international level”.

Or maybe ‘a recipe for failure’, if he was speaking his beloved English.

“We’re the English Premier League, yet the majority of the teams at the top of the Premiership have very few English players,” Coppell told BBC 5 Live.

“We must protect our identity by having a limited number of English players.”

Quite agree Steve, who wants American goalies, Icelandic midfielders or Irish strikers when you can have Michael Duberry? Of course, whether he is right or not (we think not, England were not so good in the 70s or early 90s when we had more than enough Englishmen in our division), he will not get his way. The Premiership is far stronger than the national team not just in players, but in influence.