Reading Player Not Only Supports Tottenham, But Praises Arsenal – Is He Insane?

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Even though Arsenal and Tottenham are at diametric positions in the table you would be hard pressed to find many Spurs fans shouting the Gunners praises from the rooftops, so it comes as a bit of a shocker that Reading striker Dave Kitson – a Tottenham fan – is championing Arsenal as the best team there is, he seemed absolutely mesmerized by Arsenal after they beat Reading 3-1. Tottenham fan Kitson opened his mouth and out came a small lecture on the brilliance of Arsenal:

“They are, without doubt, the best footballing team on the planet right now, Arsene Wenger must be licking his lips because there is just silverware here on in for Arsenal.”

“It’s absolutely phenomenal stuff. They’re not just passing to each other, they are passing so that a person can run on to the ball and then his mind is already made up with what he is going to do next. It’s not overly quick. Fabregas puts his foot on the ball, has a look, sees what he wants to do and then he plays it four yards in front of him to Hleb.He’ll turn round, play it another four yards, Fabregas has already gone past and so it goes on.”

“They aren’t reliant on two or three people…When Barcelona came in for Thierry Henry, Wenger must have been looking at the money and looking at Adebayor and thinking it was Christmas, Adebayor, as a technician and as a football player, is what every striker should aspire to. His finish for the goal came to him at 100mph and he just cushioned it into the far corner. They have one major injury in Robin van Persie and don’t even look as if they’re missing him.”

Hold up – isn’t all that blasphemy coming from the mouth of a Spurs fan? Well as it turns out, even Kitson thinks it is, says the Reading striker:

“It’s blasphemy for a Spurs fan but you just hope a team who play as well as that win something. Their approach is justified, because it’s just magic.”

R-ii-ight. So should a Spurs fan be saying these things?