Craig Brown thinks Scotland will bash Italy

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It may feel like a lifetime ago but at one time Scotland were considered a force of European football (qualifiers). Craig Brown got them to Euro96 and World Cup 98, yes that’s right two tournaments in a row. And he didn’t do it through sticking his neck on the line with huge overstatements and unholy predictions. What has gone wrong?

“Everything is pointing to a Scotland victory,

“I don’t think the Italians will relish a trip to Hampden. They’ve never been too successful coming to Scotland – maybe they’re just looking for a draw.”

He told 5live. That’s less everything pointing to a Scotland victory and more that Italy don’t really want to play in Scotland. You have to wonder if the following things point to an Italy victory: They are world champions, they have some of the best players in the world, most of the Scotland team play in the SPL, Italian food is far better than Scot’s, Paverotti is cooler than the Proclaimers etc etc.

So who are you backing? Our heart says Scotland, our head says Italy.