England’s women paid in a day what Chelsea’s captain earns in a nanosecond.

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Sit down, this may shock you. England’s women get paid more than the men’s team! But not just the international men’s team. MK Dons (BOOOO!), Torquay, blimey, even the writers of COS (well not quite, though we did recently find a fiver on the floor in Asda. It kept us in pot noodle for a week). For when they were at the World Cup England’s women’s football team got paid a pitiful £40-a-day. They are none too happy about this as you can imagine.

“Two months back from China, people are still working to recoup the money,”

said Chelsea striker Eniola Aluko

“We all feel the same, that we don’t feel respected. Players had to take unpaid leave and some are now not able to sustain training because they don’t have the time because of the money lost in China,” said the 20-year-old.

“We are all grateful that we went to the World Cup but realistically we can’t sustain the level of progress because of employment issues.”

So, is this another piece of shortsighted management from the FA (who claim investment has never been higher in the women’s game. What did they get at the last world cup, a pat on the back and sexist comment?)? Or is it just that the women’s game is rubbish and no one wants to watch it, and as a prize idiot might say “It’s political correctness gone mad!”