Everton’s Striker back from injury but will he ever get back in the team?

Everton’s Andy Johnson is fit again and raring to go, but if he thinks he can waltz back into the first team, the arriviste baldie needs to get in the queue. Ahead of Johnson in line are Anichebe (as strong as an ox with a penchant for Euro goals), Vaughan (injury addled young star), Yakubu (still scoring despite having what Gab Marcotti describes as “butt cheeks that can be seen from space”), and James McFadden (the Scottish legend, in fact such a legend that he plays like poo for Everton in an effort to get one over on their English followers). If that doesn’t look like a formidable enough task, Moyes has been increasingly tempted by the old, ‘one up front lark’, playing rejuvenated goal machine Tim Cahill behind the main striker.
According to the Liverpool Echo AJ said:

“It is going to be tough to get back in but that is the competition the boys want. We have got a great competition for places and this is the place where I want to be and want to stay and play my football. I am looking forward to the competition. It can only make you better as a player because you train harder on the training field. I am looking forward to the competition when I get back and hopefully I will get in the team.”

Gah! He has a lot of work to do to get back in that team, we hope the old ‘homesickness’ doesn’t flare up again…