Henry Hates It At Barcelona and Misses His Arsenal

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Well that’s what Spanish Football guru Guillem Balague thinks anyway. The Spaniard dished the dirt on Thierry Henry’s feelings at Barcelona on the Times Games Podcast, which is swiftly becoming synonymous with juicy gossip morsels.
In the podcast Balague answered the question on everyone’s lips; why does Thierry look so bloody miserable at Barcelona? Balague said:

“Well, he is not enjoying it, and he won’t say it himself, but what is happening here is that he is having to adapt to Barcelona…He would have preferred to have Barcelona adapt to him….What’s happened as well is that Barcelona don’t understand what he can give them but also he cannot be the Henry of Arsenal because Barcelona play in a different way, and partly because physically his body is not giving him what he wants.”

So it appears that Barcelona aren’t treating Henry in the same coddled way that Arsenal used to. Balague reckons that poor Henry is having to play as a classic number 9, sitting in the middle, jostling with lumbering central defenders rather than gliding down the wings in his Arsenal days. Balague continues:

“Everybody used to play for him at Arsenal didn’t they? And now that doesn’t happen and that annoys him a lot…”

Poor Thierry, did he realise how good he had it at Arsenal with his cozy duvet cover life?