Liverpool Provoke The Wrath of Real Madrid by Kidnapping a 16 year-old

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Rafa Benitez has stirred up a hornets nest of indignant outrage with his nick-a-kid campaign – which saw him bundle 16 year old Gerardo Bruna into a swag bag and scamper back off to Merseyside.
The Sun reports that the Argie wonderboy turned his nose up at professional terms with Real, only to scamper into Rafa’s open arms and scrawl his name in his bestest handwriting on a three-year contract with Liverpool.
Real’s youth coach Michel reckons Karma will bite the foolish child in the arse. Michel said:

“I was very surprised when Bruna left because he had been with us for three years and as soon as he was about to mature, Liverpool took him from us. That is what happens all the time in England. When they see someone they like, they just take him.”

After his critique of Rafa Benitez’ gimme gimme gimme approach to good youngsters, Michel then predicted that Liverpool will make the wide eyed Argentinian sprite promises that they don’t intend on keeping. Michel bitterly continued:

“They sign the boy to a professional contract, make all sorts of promises and then put him in their reserves and never give him a competitive game. How many young players taken by Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal have actually played for their first team and how many have returned?”

So will this young lad make the grade or will he be tossed aside like used toilet roll?