Liverpool Star Wants To Deport Half His Teammates.

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At least that’s what the noises emanating from Liverpool captain Stevie “G”s gob told us. The Guardian reports that Gerrard is well up for some ‘foreign quota’ action, and when they asked him he said:

“I’m all for that, I support the Liverpool academy now and I am desperate for another young player to come through into the Liverpool team. I support that in the national team as well. There’s a big danger that we stop producing quality young kids because of the amount of foreigners in the game.”

Stevie doesn’t seem to worried about the fact that any such policy will flout Euro and International laws, but he did have some more words of xenophobia wisdom about our friends from the continent. Gerrard said:

“I believe that if foreigners do take over completely it will make things even worse for the national team.”

No word yet on whether Stevie G will be personally packing the bags of Liverpool’s foreign contingent.