Naive Liverpool Star Likes The “Honest” Premier League, Rest of the world guffaws.

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Wow…Sounds like Fernando Torres likes it in Merseyside. Sky Sports are reporting that Torres is settling in well here, and that is due, in large part to the fact that we aren’t a bunch of whining, dive happy, cheats. Torres said that the Premier League compared favourably to the dive-a-second antics in La Liga:

“It is football you can really enjoy – I certainly have since I arrived in England. It is what I would call an honest type of football. The game in Spain is stop and go. Someone is fouled, the player goes down and the game stops for the free-kick.In this country a player will battle hard to stay on his feet and the referees will allow little things to go so that the game can be more continuous.I like that, it is very different to Spain. I watched a lot of English football before I arrived so it was not completely new to me.But you cannot really know what you are going to experience until you have stepped on to the pitch in a match. But it suits the way I like to play.”

So Torres likes it here, but we’re not so sure about the honest part, when managers aren’t trousering envelopes marked “secret dosh”, they are busy poaching 16 year old kiddies (*cough* Rafa *cough*), or playing intricate mind games with each other – and then there’s Didier “I prayed to fail the medical” Drogba, who celebrates like Chelsea are his childhood team but plots like Lady Macbeth.