Naughty Chelsea Keeper Tempted By Barca & PM Gordon Brown Tempted by Heidi Klum?

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Tempted by the fruit of another
Tempted but the truth is discovered

…So warble the band Squeeze, and that is how it is for naughty flirt Peter Cech – although he didn’t really go that far to hide the truth…

Elastic goalkeeping great Peter Cech might just be one of the mystery two who admitted that they wanted out of Stalag Chelsea… The Sun is reporting that the Czech ‘keeper is ‘tempted’ by a move to Barcelona, which is rather like saying that Gordon Brown is ‘tempted’ by Heidi Klum – not to say that Gordon doesn’t feel some vibrations in his trousers when the German beauty is mentioned, but he isn’t about to elope with her. For one thing Seal would be blahhhrdy pissed off, and he could easily take Brown in a spot of Queensbury Rules. Anyway, we digress. Personally we reckon that this is trite, hackneyed, ‘lazy journalism’ on behalf of professional scrawlers The Sun…and if anyone knows trite, hackneyed, ‘lazy journalism’ it is definitely the Caught Offside writing junta.
The Sun (they don’t name the reporter by name, a tactic well know at the COS penthouse for papering over the cracks of ‘lazy journalism’ by shrouding the report in anonymity) claim in a dwarfishly short article that Peter Cech said:

“I have been very happy at Chelsea but in the case of Barcelona showing interest, yes, it would be worth considering.”

Is he about to pop off to Barca for some fun football frolics, or is this more ‘lazy journalism’?