Wigan Want To Nab Birmingham’s Steve Bruce – A good deal for one and all?

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With each November day the nights draw in, the house gets colder and Wigan flutter their eyelashes at a new manager. Who is Dave Whelan sidling up to with love in his eyes offering a special kind of dance this time? It’s none other than football manager and celebrity author Steve Bruce. And he has asked Birmingham for their permission that he may take Steve’s hand in marriage.

‘Scuse Me Lads, Mind If We Nick Your Manager?

Normally such an outrageous request would be met by one or all of the following reactions: wailing to the fa, chuntering on about ‘illegal approaches’, bulging eyes, apoplectic rage, and possible excessive soiling of pantaloons due to aforementioned apoplectic rage.
However, this isn’t a ‘normal’ situation, this is Wigan asking for permission to nab Brum’s Steve Bruce – which could turn out to be a win win situation for everyone involved. In light of Paul Jewell’s rejection of the sumptuous contract offered to him to return to Wigan, head honcho Dave Whelan obviously thought a cheeky bid for Steve Bruce was preferable to trying his luck with Royle or Souness.
The Guardian is reporting that Birmingham are considering letting Bruce “booger off” to Wigan, and lets face facts – Steve Bruce looks Like Sir Arsene Shankley-Cryuff compared to goons Joe Royle and Graeme Souness, sitting there waiting to be picked like the podgy kids at a playground football game.
Wigan Chairman Whelan chirruped:

“Steve Bruce has worked with me before – he was with me at Wigan five or six years ago for two months and did a super job then.”

A super job? Two months? How much could he achieve in that time? He would have hardly had time to pen his soccer-crime blockbuster Striker in that time. Still he seems to have convinced Whelan of his abilities and in our considered, and very important, opinion Bruce is by far the best candidate that Whelan has tried to woo yet. Tomorrow: Whelan gets over familiar with Alex Ferguson.

..And Birmingham bosses wont stand in Stevie Bruce’s way, even though Brum co-owner Sullivan said that he was the “best manager in the club’s history”. Then again, who in their right mind can stand in the way of Bruce’s Wigan dreams?…