Derby County Are Officially The Crappest Ever…Even Worse Than Sunderland!

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Yup, it is finally official, confirmation has arrived of what we all bloomin’ well knew anyway; Derby County are crapper than an old hounds arse.
Only thirteen games of the Premier League have been played and Derby County have already had a medal thrown around their collective necks which reads “All Time Worst Premier League Side”. Yep, Yahoo conducted an internet poll and Derby County finished right at the top. Internet boffins Yahoo chortled:

“Over 12,000 people have voted in our ‘worst-of-the-worst’ poll and 41% of readers agree that Billy Davies’ side are the worst side they have seen since the Premier League began in 1992.”

Eurgh, Gordon Bennett! Worse than the mephitic mess that was Sunderland in 05/06 who managed just three wins and 15 points!?!?! Yep! The public can be cruel bastards…

So are they the crappest of all time? If not, they will be soon with all these ‘accolades’ being foisted on them, they are going to start getting big heads and ideas above their station.