Everton’s Lescott Is England’s Best Young defender!

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Like one of those weird Magic 8 Ball thingies if you ask most Evertonians if Lescott is the best young defender in the country they will say: “The Answers Point To Yes”.
And the testimonies of the elastic keeper who regularly entrusts Lescott with protecting his goal’s virtue and the Scottish Manager who bought him will also show a huge admiration.
Moyes said of Joleon:

“He’s given us all the right signs that he will flourish at international level. He has pace and strength, is young and is a very good listener. He wants to improve all the time, so he will learn and keep getting better.”

‘Keeper Tim Howard seconded this saying:

“When you play behind him you have no doubts as to his ability. He’s got the ability and size to be a tremendous defender and he shows that at club level. There is a composure that makes him stand out. Playing at left-back will actually have helped him but he has all the attributes you would want as a centre-half.”

And he’ll be able to strut his stuff tonight against Austria too…England’s best defender or a charlatan?