What Is Wrong With Liverpool’s Kuyt?

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Liverpool Striker Dirk Kuyt has come out with a “Crisis, What Crisis!?!” outburst…And considering we never suggested that the Dutchman was in a crisis in the first place we can only but assume that he is responding to the voices in his head and he is in the middle of the mother of all crises.
Despite having a bit of a barren time of late in front of goal, missing a triumvirate of easy peasy sitters against Blackburn, and sitting the Besiktas goal frenzy out, the Dutchman still reckons that he is “one of Liverpool’s top performers this season”.
Dirk Kuyt”>Kuyt said:

“I can understand the criticism. It makes sense since I missed three great chances against Blackburn Rovers. But people say that I’m in crisis, and to them I must respond that I don’t feel that way. If you list the players at Liverpool who’ve shown their best form so far this season, I’d be among the top ones.”

Hold on in there mate, that lanky Englishman obstructing your view from the bench will soon be off and you’ll move up the pecking order a bit!