You What!??! Casillas To Tottenham?!??

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Nope, not even Iker Casillas himself thinks this one is a goer, but you can see the elements of the primitive minds of gutter journalists; Juande Ramos is Spanish, Tottenham’s goalie is partial to a gaffe or two, and Iker Casillas is a bloody famous Spanish goalie. Put them together and what do you get?!?! A noxious Spanish transfer paella, thats what you get ladies and gents.
When asked about a move to Tottenham Casillas fired back:

“Nobody has said anything to me about a supposed offer from an English team, but in any case I am very clear on what I want – and that is to be at Real Madrid. It has never entered my thoughts to be at anywhere else but Real Madrid. I live here, I have my friends, my family and on top of that I have the great fortune to be playing in the team. What more could I ask for? I have not received an offer, but I insist that I am not thinking of anything other than completing my contract with Real Madrid.”

Moving from Tottenham to Real, now that could be realistic, but going from Real Madrid to Tottenham – no dice mateys!! And just to finish off this wierd rumour, the fee would apparently be £28.5 million(!)