Arsenal’s Mad Jens Lehmann has recieved multiple offers

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Is Jens Up for the Job?

Jens Lehmann has lost his spot as number one keeper this season, as Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger has chosen Spaniard Manuel Almunia over the Kraut. Despite the reported fall-outs and accusations between Jens Lehmann and rival Almunia, Lehmann still insists that he deserves to play ahead of Almunia. If he isn’t chosen to be number one – then he claims he will simply leave and accept the concrete offers in which have been proposed to him:

“I would like to be in the thoughts of my coach,” Lehmann said.

“You can boil it all down to one question: Is the other goalkeeper better than me? If not, why am I not playing?

“I’ve shown I can win matches and titles. Even if he is just as good as me, I should be playing.”

He added: “There have been concrete offers. There have been some calls. But it’s possible that I’ll stay at Arsenal.”

Arsenal, despite Almunia’s solid form – need a more reliable goalkeeper. With past links to Juventus keeper Buffon, Arsene Wenger may be on the lookout for a younger, and simply more capable goal protector. Should Arsenal keep Almunia/Lehmann or move on to a better (and most likely more foreign) keeper?