Tottenham Would Be Daft To Say They’ll Get A Champions League Place

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Spurs striker Robbie Keane is a supreme optimimist – he thinks that Spurs can get into the top four despite the fact that they are currently floundering round the lower reaches of the Premier League. The North London outfit are 14 points away from fourth spot but Keane has a spring in his step and continues to dream about joyously skipping around Champions League defences next season.
Keane said:

“Top four was the aim and we thought that was realistic. We’re struggling at the moment, but we have the players and the manager to do well. The only way is up.

“We’re not stupid enough to think it’ll be easy to make up ground on the teams at the top of the table. But it’s still only November and there’s a long way to go.

“I’d be daft to say we will get a Champions League place, but you’d be just as daft to say we can’t.”

You’re daft, they’re daft, we’re all daft together! Spurs snugly squeezed into fourth place come the end of the season – Daft?