Liverpool’s ‘Keeper is a million times better than anyone else.

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Seven clean sheets in 12 Premier League games, the ability to leap around his six yard box like a demented salmon, and the full confidence of his defender Jamie Carragher; is Reina one of the best ‘keepers out there? ‘Carra’ certainly thinks so proclaiming that : “Pepe is the best goalkeeper I have ever played with.”

Carragher bellowed forthrighly:

“I’ve always thought Pepe is a great goalkeeper. I have been here at Liverpool a long time now and he is the best ‘keeper I’ve played with. He has beaten some records at this club already and that is testimony to what a top class goalkeeper he is. For me he is in the top three in the world. I think Cech, Buffon and Pepe are the best around and you can put them in any order you want, there is not much difference between them. It is great as a defender to have a goalkeeper you can trust and who you know you can rely on. I think if we were nervous about the goalkeeper and worried that any mistake you made would end up as a goal, then it would affect your play.”

Whilst Carragher is undoubtedly qualified to speak on the strengths of Pepe Reina he is also more than qualified to talk about crap goalkeepers; with David ‘Calamity’ James and Sander Westervelt two of the gloriously gaffe laden ‘keepers he has played with. So when ‘Carra’ says that Pepe is in the top 3 keepers in the world you have to respect that. Don’t you?