Now Arsenal’s Mentalist Wants To Stay!

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Arsenal’s chief resident loon Jens Lehmann has now oscillated back from the brink of the abyss and reckons he’ll stay at Arsenal until the end of the season.
Lehmann gave his latest edict to the journos assembled for Germany’s Euro 2008 kick-about against Cyprus:

“I want to stay with Arsenal until the end of the season, I have a responsibility with regard to my family and for my children, even if I were not to regain my place. I cannot just leave like that before the season ends,”

Funny that, Jens, old buddy, old pal – ‘cos we could have sworn that you were telling anyone with fuctioning aural cavities that you were ready to leap off Arsenal like an over-enthusiastic skydiver come January.

Lehmann, clearly not satisfied with the civilized tone of the conversation, then unleashed a nasty Wenger rant that had been bubbling inside him. Lehmann said:

“I believe a manager must be honest with his players…During the two talks I had with him about my contract extension he gave me no indication of what he was going to do, I would like to be in the head of my manager, but I cannot answer your questions for him,”

So on one hand Lehmann claims that he wants to stay, but his loyalty doesn’t even last for the duration of the press conference. Unpredictable and unreliable; two words that basically sum up his performance between the sticks.