Relief From Tottenham to West Germany – Goal-Line Technology Is Coming!

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Linesman Tofik Bakhramov’s alleged response when he was asked how he could be certain that England’s third decisive goal against West Germany crossed the line. We’d like to write Pedro Mendes’ response when his goal at Old Trafford for Spurs wasn’t judged to have crossed the line but the COS overlords would make us wash our mouths out with soap and we’d probably go without our pocketmoney for at least a couple of months.
But all this unfair befuddlement could be a thing of the past with the news that FIFA is going to test out its goal line technology in the World Club Championship in Japan next month. FIFA exec Viacheslav Koloskov said:

“FIFA is very much interested in the test results, if everything is perceived well enough, this goal-line technology will be widely used in the World Cup in 2010,”

So is goal-line technology the way to go, or does it open up a whole new can of worms, after all – if the technology was around in the 60’s would England even have one World Cup to their name?