Any Premier League Takers For England’s Euro Hero?

Omer Golan, the man who put a lovely cherry on top of the Israel-Russia game, wants to come to the Premier League. The least we can do is give the lad somewhere to play, especially after coming up with the goods so dramatically in a game that would have required multiple underwear changes for any English viewers.

Golan said:

“Most of all I did it for our team and our fans, but if it makes people in England happy, then I’m pleased. I want England to qualify and so do all my team-mates in the Israel side. My dream since I was a boy has been to play in the Premier League and I hope that what the clubs have seen today will help me fulfil that dream.”

Large sections of the game were backs to the wall stuff for the Israeli’s but even though Russia had countless waves of attack they never finished the slew of chances that were presented to them. So, now that the unthinkable has happened, Israel have beaten Russia, and England now have the chance to qualify firmly in their own clammy hands, what chance of England still blowing it?