Beckham Needs To Leave “The MLS Truman Show”

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“The signing of David Beckham delivered on our expectations in every measure,” Garber said. “The exposure we got because of David Beckham, regardless of how many games he played, was fantastic.”

Sift this through a ‘truth sieve’ and only about 1 percent of it would be left, and certainly not the utter balderdash about delivering on our expectations in every manager. The man who had the cojones to come out with this utterly idiotic statement was MLS Comissioner Don Garber, and he deserves to be fitted with a straightjacket a couple of sizes too small for him. Beckham has been such a spectacular failure that he has made Abel Xavier and his iridescent hair look like a solid and sensible signing – the LA Galaxy didn’t even qualify for the Playoffs for Pete’s sake!
Don Garber perfectly sums up the MLS and the fabricated ‘Truman Show’ style world they live in, Beckham is their ‘Truman’ but tragically he has already sampled real leagues, and he surely must be aware of what a pitiful league his right foot currently inhabits.
I say we sent over the SAS and rescue him from a fate worse than a fate worse than death, playing for the LA Galaxy, where even an injury stained limp season is hailed as fantastic.