Liverpool Stalk Yet Another Spaniard…

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Word on the street is that Liverpool’s manager Rafa Benitez is up for ringing up Athletic Bilbao and asking if a certain 19 year old midfield sensation called is available for some transfer malarkey. An Athletic Bilbao spokesman seemed a tad crestfallen when talking about Javi Martinez, implying that an offer wouldn’t be greeted with a growled “No”, he said:

“We have not received any formal offers yet. We are calm about the situation.”

Javi Matinez, wasn’t exactly leaping out of his pantalones in pure unbridled excitement, in fact he seemed boringly sensible, Mrtinez saide:

“I see Premier League matches on the television and the atmosphere is wonderful.
“But I don’t really know anything as I haven’t spoken with anyone.

“My sole mission at the moment is to work hard for Athletic and help the team.

“If an offer does arrive I would look at what is best for two parts, myself and Athletic.”

So it looks like Liverpool might be interested, but Rafa might have to beat off strong interest from Fiorentina to bag his man.