Arsenal Mentalist Hunts For SNug Fitting Straitjacket

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Arsenal’s ditched and isolated goalkeeper Jens Lehmann has still maintained his number one keeper gig on the German International side. Despite having not played for Arsenal since the second game of the season – German coach Joachim Low asserts that Mad Jens performed beyond expectations over the break against Cyprus – yet he always knew he had it in him:

“His performance was not at all surprising to me because we know that Jens can find his concentration right when he needs it.

“He can also call up such a performance even when he has not played for a long time.”

Lehmann also responded to his clean sheet performance:

“I may only be sitting on the bench at Arsenal, but today I have realised how enjoyable it is to be playing.”

Is this a sign to the Arsenal community that maybe Lehmann is just misunderstood? Should Wenger open up to the ‘new’ Lehmann? Or is Wenger doing the correct thing by sticking with Spanish goalkeeper Manuel Almunia?