Chelsea, Everton, Newcastle, Porstmouth and Sunderland face drastic Squad Amputations

Nigeria’s manager Berti Vogts has demanded that all his Nigerian players attend a training camp starting on January 4th, two weeks before the actual start of the African Cup of Nations; a move guaran-bloody-teed to wind up the bosses at Chelsea, Everton, Portsmouth, Sunderland and Newcastle. And Nigeria coach Vogts doesn’t seem prepared to budge even a millimetre in his demands. Vogts said:

“That is the way that things have to be and there will be no exceptions. There will be a two-week training camp and all the players will be there. They will not be allowed to arrive later.”

So is this sort of malarkey fair and shouldn’t the players and their club managers tell him to “do one”? After all is Steve “Sh*tbreak” McClaren tried this sort of lark he would be tried for treason before he could say “David Beckham recall.” – so should Vogts be allowed to do the same?