Everton Star Loves Life On The Farm.

Everton striker and former most expensive player, Andy Johnson has admitted that the reason he signed a new contract was the brand spanking new training locale at Finch Farm. The futuristic state of the art training complex, which at £14m is even more expensive than AJ’s strike partner Yakubu.

Old careworn training ground Bellefield was jettisoned on October 9th, and the change is so dramatic that Andy Johnson signed a new contract on the back of it!
Johnson said: “The club is going in the right direction. The players we have brought in go to show that and Finch Farm is a fantastic place.It is a top, top place and a great place to work and that is the reason I put pen-to-paper.”

Finally a decent place to train for the Everton lads, but were things that bad and third-world at Bellefield that players are so jubilant with the new place that they are rushing to sign new contracts?