Israeli’s thank The Sun for inspiring them to victory over Russia

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There isn’t much to thank for the for. Giving a home to Garry Bushell for many years is about their only achievement, so let’s give them their moment in the sun (ahem) and let them claim credit for Israel’s victory over Russia. No really, Israel coach Dror Kashtan credit their motivational powers through gritted teeth, according to The Times:

IT WAS either dumb journalism or the cleverest motivation tactic ever employed, but it was The Sun – and other English newspapers – wot won it for Israel. Dror Kashtan, the Israel coach, poured scorn on the English press in the wake of his team’s victory over Russia in Tel Aviv, saying suggestions that Israel would conspire to produce a win for the visitors were slurs that fueled his players.

The Times, of course owned by the same man as the Sun, we’re not saying that means anything though. Kashtan has little time for any of the British press though.

“People have to write things to sell newspapers. We have to focus on our own team. The English don’t have to apologise and they don’t have to say thank you either. We have our own commitment to our national cause.”

He said before adding that he did enjoy reading the odd English blog, perhaps one that has recently undergone a redesign in particular?