Italians sink salt into the wounds of the Scottish ‘Bravehearts’

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Numerous members of the Azzurri have expressed their delight regarding their last minute 2-1 win over Scotland over the weekend. Christian Panucci scored a somewhat ‘controversial’ goal to seal the Italian’s destiny into the Euro 2008 tournament – joining France into the secure zone.
Panucci stated:
“I’m happy to have helped a serious person like Roberto Donadoni.

“This has been the night I dreamt of and that I never thought I would live. I feel younger than my son.

“This is the most important goal of my life – the one that sent us to the European championship.

“I’d like to leave already now for Austria and Switzerland, but the decision, should I deserve this, will be up to Donadoni.”

Luca Toni also had a word, insisting that the team are to remain a ‘strong and compact side’.

The Azzurri have made it through – along with fellow group members France – with the competition slowly forming into the expected prestigiousness that the experts predicted before the group stages.