Liverpool’s Manager Pledges His Life Away

Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez, no doubt after much chin-beard stroking, has moved to shut the rumour mongers up and has pledged that he’ll be staying with Liverpool rather than jumping aboard the crazed drunken pirate ship that is Bayern Munich.

Rafa has insisted that he isn’t interested in going anywhere and even if Bayern offered him a gloriously shimmering contract, so luxurious that it glowed in the dark, he’d turn his nose up at it.

Rafa said:

“I heard about the rumours at the weekend and it is always flattering to be linked with other big clubs because it must mean you are doing something right.

“But even if I was approached I would tell whichever club it was that I am really happy with my club, my squad, my supporters and my city.

“There are still many things which I want to do here so I am planning on being here for a long time.”

Well that’s pretty bloody boring isn’t it?