Bolton Manager Is A Grubby Liar!

So says French manager Raymond Domenech, who accused Bolton of making the most of Nic Anelka’s injury – because of a not-so-secret desire to wrap the striker in cotton wool before the small matter of Saturday’s game with Manchester United.

Gary Megson is a risk taker, you can tell that from his shambolic ginger haircut, and the perilous way he frantically chews gum, often risking death by suffocation as he bellows to his team whilst moving gum around his mouth; but the one thing he didn’t want to take a risk on was Nic Anelka’s fitness.

Even though Anelka missed Bolton’s last four games he featured in France’s friendly game with Morocco on Friday and the French manager Domenech revealed some Gallic criticism of Megson’s Bolton; Domenech said:

‘They want to protect a player. They try to make me think that the injury is bigger than it is so they can have the player back.’

Gary Megson, lying ginger gum chewing toad? Or is is bouncing froggie Frenchman Domenech who is spreading untruths?…