Ebbsfleet manager gets to grips with fan power

Poor Liam Daish, making his way in football management at Ebbsfleet and suddenly he has 20,000 bosses to answer to. No one would have resented him walking out in a huff. In fact he is getting used to it all, though there is one fan he particularly doesn’t want to answer to:

“My missus [Julia] started asking me about formations and ‘who are you playing up front?’ She’s paid the £35 and thinks I’m answerable to her now.”

We’re pretty sure Fergie and Arsene don’t get that kind of talk over breakfast, unless they are just the front men and their wives are the real brains of the operation (NB we are pretty sure this isn’t the case).

As for job security, you don’t go into management for that so Daish isn’t too worried about the extra pressures on that.

“People say, ‘They can vote you out, sack you’, well who gets managers the sack in the end? It’s the supporters, isn’t it? I know loads of managers who have had great relationships with their chairman, but he sees he has to do something. Sometimes it works the other way. Is it better working for 20,000 than for one tyrannical man when, if there’s a personality clash, the whole thing breaks down?”

We’re not sure about you but we quite like Daish. He seems to be an intelligent guy caught in a bad situation, though he would never claim that.