England fans support McClaren, no really!

There have been some strange poll results in history. George Bush was elected twice, Robbie Williams is often voted the best singer ever (or some such rubbish) and people voted for Journey South in the X Factor, despite the fact they might possibly the most embarrassing soft rock act of all-time. But this takes some beating, a poll by BBC’s tepid late night chat show Inside Sport has found that most England fans want McClaren to stay on.

A total of 452 fans were questioned by telephone in England between Friday and Sunday, before, during and after Israel’s Euro 2008 win over Russia.

And the results show that 50% think McClaren should stay on as manager regardless of whether England qualify.

What?! Are you joking? Have they been watching the qualifying performances England have put in? Have they been watching football for the last five years, when the man has achieved nothing? To be fair 37% think he should go, but what of the other 13%? So who is at fault according to these 452 fans? The players, say 50%, while only 22% say Stevie boy is to blame.

Does this mean anything? Apart from the fact Inside Sport should be cancelled of course.