Tottenham’s Ex isn’t stupid enough to join Birmingham

Who would want to join Birmingham at the moment? You have no idea if come next month your boss will be three pornographers or one strange Eastern man who can’t be bothered to seal a deal till the last possible minute. Steve Bruce got out while he could and now Martin Jol has decided against joining them. Oh the shame. David Sullivan summed it up thus:

“We did speak to Martin over the weekend,

“Martin thanked us for our interest but said it was too early for him to consider coming back to football.”

The old ‘it’s not you it’s me’ excuse. Nice one Martin. So who will Birmingham get instead David?

“Martin is the type of coach we are looking at – someone with a pedigree that will excite supporters,”

Sullivan added: “The usual suspects will be on everyone’s lips but this could be a fresh start for Birmingham.

“We are looking at candidates of a certain level. It is difficult to try to get someone in who the dressing room will respect.

“Do you take a chance on an unproven coach at this level with a group of young players who will need guidance and will be looking for inspiration?

“Or do you go for a more experienced voice, someone respected in the world of football?”

Paul Jewell is our bet.