Chelsea Player’s Mere Presence Will Be Enough To Inspire England.

Stevie Gerrard yesterday broke the news to the barbarian journalistic hordes that John Terry wont be fit for the England-Croatia “a draw, a draw, my kingdom for a draw” denouement to the Euro qualifiers. Gerrard opted for a concise and sharp answer, saying that:

“I’ve spoken to John and he is not ready for Wednesday,”

But don’t fret, England fans. Although JT won’t be playing, his raging lionheart will be drumming a stirring beat from the touchline. Stevie continued:

“He is obviously disappointed not to be in the game, but he will still be there and will be a big help to all the players in the dressing room.”

So will JT’s beating heart be enough to inspire England to a glorious victory damp squib of a draw?