Chelsea’s Owner Again Tries His Hand At Management

…Well, post-match management anyway. Cash-guzzling billionaire Roman Abramovich was so furious with his Russian international layabouts (who are on his payroll) that he marched into the changing rooms after their defeat to Israel which crushed the Rooskis’ hopes and dreams and handed Euro 2008 qualification to Steve Sh*tbreak McClaren on a silver platter. Apparently Abramovich was so incensed by the loss (isn’t he used to this at Chelsea?) that he told the dishevelled Russian losers:

“The way you played tonight there would not have been any point in reaching the Euro 2008 finals anyway”

And Abramovich was so royally pissed off with events that he apparently assaulted a photographer outside a Tel Aviv hotel a day later. It just goes to show that you can have all the money in the world, but it can’t stop your team from being complete gubbins.