Steve Bruce gets untold riches to blow at Wigan

There are different ways to welcome people. A manly shake of the hand, a pat on the back, a double cheek kiss (a bad choice this one) and, Dave Whelan’s favourite, offering them £15m. For that is ho he has greeted Steve Bruce’s arrival at Wigan. What he spends it on we will have to wait and see, mainly players probably, but who would resent the guy a nose job and a haircut?

And it wasn’t just the money that Whelan offered Bruce but some empty platitudes to go with it.

“He will keep us out of relegation problems and all the fans will be delighted we’ve got him,” said Whelan.

“When Paul Jewell decided he was not going to come back I was a little disappointed, but Steve Bruce is the guy we wanted,” said Whelan.

“I’m delighted we’ve got him. I think it’s a big loss for Birmingham and a big signing for Wigan – one of the best young managers in the land.”

Steve Bruce is the guy we wanted? After trying to get Paul Jewell? That doesn’t even make sense Dave. Leave the talking to Bruce and the spending, he has a huge job on his hands.