Arsenal’s Jens comes out with his daily gibberish.

You don’t have to be mental to be a goalkeeper, but it certainly bloody helps. Another day another random rant from the crown prince of ‘keeping lunacy. And judging from what the Daily Mail is reporting Jens has clearly taken his medication today and is pleading with Wenger to put him back in the side.
Lehmann muttered:

“I have more experience than Almunia, I can cope better with pressure situations and I’m still at the peak of my powers.”

The peak of what powers exactly!?? The power of lunacy perhaps. But let’s face facts, Lehmann is 38 years old, Almunia has ousted him as Arsenal’s #1 and to switch back to an unstable aged loon would rock the boat even more. Or alternatively Arsene, you could get your crazed German to sling his hook come January.