Aston Villa’s Carson Was England’s Best Player?

You wha’….!?!?
Croatia Manager Slaven Bilic has put a protective arm around Scott Carson, who for the first few minutes of the England-Croatia game did his very best Paul Robinson impersonation, and claims that the ‘keeper was actually England’s best player.
Slaven Bilic said:

“There are no scapegoats. We were the better team tonight and that’s it. It happened with Robinson in Zagreb, okay you can blame him for the second goal but he was by far the best Englishman on the pitch and so Carson was tonight.”

And Slaven continued to bask in the glory of topping Group E, he said:

“It was a great night and we fully deserved to win. Maybe a lack of concentration stopped us scoring more goals.

“We showed great character. It is hard to win here, especially to come back when they equalised. That’s why we totally deserved it tonight.

“Well done to England, they were part of an excellent football match.”

And finally Slaven decided to be even more magnanimous and defend Sh*tbreak Steve and his English players. Slaven said, without the faintest dusting of sarcasm:

“There is nothing wrong with England football. This is by far the most difficult group. There were three teams who deserved to go through to the European Championships. You were just unlucky to get this group. I have watched all the teams and this is difficult.

“I read in the papers that no Croatian player would start in your team. That’s ridiculous. Wake up.

“I love your players. They are jumbo jets of football but we are players in a small country who can play good football. We have players with great skill and good lungs.”

Firstly Slaven, can you come and polish the dull turd that is the England team, and secondly if we were as good as you claim we’d have bloody qualified wouldn’t we?