Bruce’s pretty face worth £225,000 to Birmingham and Wigan

When we heard that Steve Bruce’s move to Wigan had been held up, we would have bet that probably there was some problem with his registration, something dull like that. So it is a gift from the heavens that the real reason is surely the most unlikely the world has ever seen. He got in an argument over his image rights. Yes, old flat nose. Old saggy cheeks. Makes money from his image, and far more than you probably make in a couple of years of hard greaft. The Guardian report:

The issue is Birmingham’s insistence that Bruce repays approximately £225,000 of his last rights deal. Under the terms of a contract he signed in 2004 Birmingham pay their manager a basic £850,000 a year, a loyalty bonus of £250,000 each summer plus a total image-rights payment each September of £300,000. The latter was advanced in full to Bruce three months ago but, as he will not be there for the final nine months of the deal.

What the hell can that mean? Does the Steve Bruce duvet and pillow case set really sell that well? Do Birmingham ring in 100k a year from Brucies saucy calenders? The mind boggles. As for Bruce’s decision not to repay, this seems like an argument he cannot win unless he wears a Birmingham shirt on the touchline for the first nine months of his Wigan career. Give the money back Steve, your face will make you more cash wherever you go.