Capello thinks England job might be a good career move

Some might look at the England job and think it looks about as attractive as Sarah Jessica Parker. Constant abuse, trying to mould overrated players into a World Cup winning team, having to spend time with Brian Barwick. This is why we were lumbered with Steve McClaren, he was the only bloke that wanted the bloody job. But wait, a proper manager, who has won things, wants the job this time. Fabio Capello, the man who has won the Serie A and La Liga with more regularity than a man feasting on Kellogs All Bran. In short he was asked about the job on Italian TV last night and said:

“It would be a beautiful challenge,”

What a lovely phrase, we like this guy.

“I am the right age,” he added, before clarifying: “That’s a joke.”

Huh? Let’s hope he is a better manager than he is a comedian. Then he did some talking to endear himself to the little Englanders.

“There are too many foreign players and the players are used to another way of playing,”

Well, well, well. Here we go, let the campaigns begin. Over to you Jose and Martin.