Chelsea prepare to sell superstar.

Didier Drogba is as happy as larry when he is charging around scoring goals and kissing the Chelsea badge, but when he is off the pitch (especially when he is the presence of French journos) he often wails in discontent at his horrific situation.
So it comes as no surprise that Drogba’s constant proclamations of unhappiness have been met with pricked ears by Real Madrid. The Telegraph is reporting that the Spanish side are: “preparing a £30 million bid to take him to the Bernabeu next summer” and that Chelsea bigwigs, not only pissed off by the Ivorian’s constant wittering on about how unhappy he is, have deemed Drogger’s latest idea off sauntering off to the Beijing Olympics to be the final straw.
Although Drogba is in top form he is 29, and £30 million would represent good business considering that he originally cost Chelsea £24 million; and Chelsea already have a genius moaner-out, moaner-in masterplan up their sleeves – replacing Drogba with moan-alike Anelka.