Liverpool Star looks at Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea and laughs in the face of fear!

Liverpool striker Fernando Torres doesn’t appear to be too impressed with his team’s Premier League rivals claiming that although they all have stars they don’t scare him; the Spaniard said:

“From what I have seen so far in England we do not have anything to fear from any of our opponents for the title. They are all great teams with a lot of experience and many very, very good players but so are we.”

Torres also claimed that even though Liverpool haven’t been firing on all cylinders, the very fact that they are within sniffing distance of the big teams despite indifferent form means that when they do pick things up, they should sail up the League.
Torres told LFC Magazine:

“We have a confidence and a focus which will make us a very dangerous opponent for everyone who has to face us.We have maybe not played as well as we are all capable of all the time this season but look at how close we are to the teams at the top of the table. That is highly encouraging for us.”

Torres also revealed the fact that merely scanning the faces of his Liverpool teammates gives him confidence and turns him into a ‘winner’, something he wasn’t used to at Athletico Madrid. Torres said:

“There is a winning mentality at Liverpool, I look around in the dressing room before a game and in the face of every player and every coach you see the winning expectation. They do not go out on to the pitch either hoping they will or praying they will win. They expect it. They have such a belief in their ability that another outcome is just not something they consider. It is very new to me but I enjoy that mentality very much and I am thinking this way too now. Hopefully we have had all the injuries that we are going to have and for the next few months we can really start to build a momentum that makes us very hard to stop.”

So are Liverpool the silent threat of the season, quietly and metronomically keeping pace just behind the top sides, waiting for their form to hit?