What the England players had to say about their clever role in Steve’s sacking

You can never come out and criticise your manager. That’s the golden rule of football. Much better to just play very, very badly until he gets sacked. Now who has been doing this recently, and booking a summer off in the process? Still, most feigned upset last night, so let’s hear thier excuses (can you guess who each one is just by the quote?):

“It’s a really disappointing night, the worst I’ve had in an England shirt.”

No, not Wayne Bridge (Now officially England’s worst ever left-back), Stevie G, the man who was meant to lead the team to a home draw.

“We are hugely disappointed for ourselves, our families, the fans and everyone in England. It’s going to be a huge miss not to be there at the tournament. But it’s been great working with Steve McClaren. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s not just down to him, it’s the players.”

John Terry, insisting that McClaren is a great manager but suspiciously talking about him in the past tense… hmm.

“If you lose you don’t deserve to make any excuses. We realise that if we don’t perform we don’t deserve to go through and we know what we are going to get now. It won’t be for a week or two, it will be longer.

“We are the players, we don’t make the decisions on the manager’s future, but I don’t think there is any doubt about what the players think about him.”

David Beckham, talking a lot of sense. Though many would argue that we know what the players think of him, he is a push over and they want his reign to continue while they amass undeserved caps.

Who is to blame, the players or the manager? Or both?