Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp ready to manage England, but should he?

Harry Redknapp, he’s English, got a wealth of experience, actually wants the job, and if you’re worried about his dodgy signings he won’t be able to sign caravan-dwelling loon Dutchmen in the England role.

When asked what he would say if given a call by the FA, Redknapp, flush with patriotism, responded:

“Of course I’d take it, you would have to. I love my country and surely there can only be one answer if it’s offered … YES! I am a proud Englishman and it would be the ultimate honour. You just can’t say no.”

So we’ve already established that ‘Arry wouldn’t be able to take a punt on any half-baked foreign floozies, and he also has a wealth of experience; The Sun even points out that he nurtured Rio Ferdinand, Joe Cole, Jermain Defoe, Michael Carrick and Frank Lampard in his West Ham days.

A pretty good background, but good enough for England, who don’t seem to even have ‘Arry under consideration – and a look at the odds in most papers shows not even a mention of Redknapp. Strangely, Harry is a top motivator and may not be that silly of a candidate all things considered.

Will the outburst put ‘Arry into the frame? He’s doing well with Portsmouth and it sounds like he would love to manage England – but would the FA consider him?