West Ham vs Tottenham: What Madness Will We See This Time?

West Ham vs Spurs is fast becoming one to mark on the calendar.

Last time around, it was the unbelievable 4-3 that many thought was the final nail in the Hammers’ relegation coffin yet instead acted as inspiration for their amazing turnaround in the second half of the season. Nothing like hitting rock bottom to get you back on form.

Before that we had Lasagna-gate with a batch of dodgy fish pasta (still not sure why anyone would be eating that in the first place) seeing Tottenham succumb to West Ham and miss out on 4th, the Champions League, and a chance to overtake Arsenal in one fell swoop.

There’s plenty of potential drama coming up this weekend, too. Juande Ramos is fresh off battering Wigan and will see this as the first high profile match where victory could give the Spurs players the confidence they need to push back up the table. Defeat to local rivals, however, and the honeymoon period will be over instantly for the Spaniard. Curbishley, on the other hand, is starting to put together some results for his side and a home victory over Tottenham will also be just what the doctor ordered.

But lately the result has been far less important than everything leading up to it in this fixture, so we’re here’s hoping something absolutely mental happens.