Arsenal’s Cesc wasn’t always so certain about Arsenal

Cesc Fabregas, the young heart of this Arsenal side apparently wasn’t so hot on signing for Arsenal at first, but in yet another reason why Arsene Wenger is so invaluable – he managed to convince the starlet otherwise. The Daily Mail reports that Fabregas said:

‘At Barca we played Arsenal a few months before in a youth tournament and we beat them 5-1. I scored two goals and I was like, “I don’t want to go because we are better”.

But after silver-tounged Arsene Wenger had a word with Fabregas, the young Spaniard was so struck by his brilliance, that he was falling over himself to sign. Fabregas said:

‘But then they made me the proposal and I saw that Arsenal was a great club. I came here to see the training ground and to talk to Mr Wenger. Imagine, you are playing under 16s at Barcelona and then you are talking to a person like Arsene Wenger who is so important in this world of football.

It impressed me a lot. I had something in my mind saying, “Go on, you have to sign because everything is going to be fine”.’

Surely yet another reason why Wenger is so priceless? Not only has Wenger got the vision to sign players, but he also has the charisma to make them go that final few steps to signing. Forget about Vieira or Henry, surely the biggest disaster for Arsenal would be to lose Arsene?