England could have had O’Neill and he would have been a million times better than McClaren!

Aston Villa manager Martin O’Neill yesterday did what any sane person would, put himself out of the running for the England hotseat. O’Neill did however, offer a few criticisms to the FA, namely that they didn’t choose him over Steve McClaren in the first place. O’Neill said:

‘When the job came up last time, I didn’t have a commitment. I was not in club management for personal reasons and when the opportunity came up with England I thought that was great. Would I be any good as a manager? Yes, I’d be brilliant. My ego thinks I’d be good at it and the rest of me thinks I would be brilliant too.’

But instead opting for O’Neill and his ego the FA in their wisdom chose Steve McClaren, a man who was knee deep in the Sven regime that they were so desperate to move away from. O’Neill declared his loyalty to Aston Villa saying:

‘I was flattered to be interviewed last time and obviously I didn’t do well enough. You have to ask yourself “Why would I be asked back again?”. I am uncomfortable with it because it looks as though 15 people are going to be interviewed. I’m not one of them.More importantly, the issue is a commitment to Aston Villa. I set out 16 months ago on this job and it is what I wanted to do. The job is far from complete. I feel like I am only just starting out. There are candidates out there. Capello wants the job and he has a fantastic pedigree. Mourinho is out there somewhere.’

So should be be directing all the teeth gnashing and frothing of mouths at the FA rather than Steve McClaren?