Someone actually wants to leave Arsenal!

The Daily Mail is reporting that some people can only sit on the bench twiddling their thumbs for so long before they start getting ideas of moving. GIilberto Silva, up until now very loyal and respectful of Arsene Wenger’s decision to play Flamini ahead of the Brazilian, has now shown signs that he may be starting to get frustrated with all this ‘not playing’ malarkey, and has sent out an alluring ‘come-and-get-me’ to Italian club Juventus. Gilberto said:

“Juventus are a prestigious club and I would gladly move to Turin. I do not want to go to war with Arsenal about this so if Juve want me they should talk with my club and start discussions. I reckon we would reach an agreement easily.”

So is Gilberto right to seek a move, or should he just grin and bear it like the dizzy Liverpool players who are constantly rotated?