TRANSFER RUMOURS: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Birmingham, Bolton, Everton , Manchester United and England.

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Ok, first off let’s get all this England manager guff out of the way before getting on to the usual transfer rumour frenzy:

Chelsea captain John Terry wants Mourinho to manage England (The Sun) with the Special One telling the FA to ‘make him an offer he can’t refuse’. (Daily Express)
…Whilst Capello is the man to restore English pride according to Terry Venables. (The Sun) And the Guardian’s Sid Lowe says that Capello will rule with an iron fist, giving the example of what he said to Ronaldo at Real Madrid when he waddled out of the shower: “Aren’t you ashamed of being so fat?” (The Guardian)
…Villa’s O’Neill has said no (various), but the FA still retain the slim hope that they can bag him (Independent)
… The FA are looking to Real Madrid’s German manager Bernd Schuster (Spanish daily Marca) or perhaps fellow German Jurgen Klinsmann (various).Arsenal’s Gilberto Silva is ready to jump ship and get aboard the Juventus speedboat (various)

…Whilst moany Mic Anelka reckons that he shouldn’t have left the Gunners back in the last century. (The Sun)

…And Sir Alex Ferguson has started his very own rumour after claiming that he is a big admirer of aforementioned moan-king Nic Anelka. (Mirror)

Birmingham reckon that thet’ll have nabbed Alex McCleish to replace Steve Bruce in the next few days. (The Guardian)

And whilst Everton Manager David Moyes is weeping into his cornflakes about the fact that he tried and failed to get Roy Keane when he left Man Utd (Mirror), unplayed Anderson Da Silva could be leaving Everton for Barnsley…again. (Mirror)

Argie Striker Carlos Tevez wants to stay at Manchester United for five more years before scampering off to Boca Juniors when he’s 28, Tevez said: “I want to return to Boca at my peak not as some fatso.” (The Sun)

Eurgh. Looks like those blasted guttersnipe journos have been spending way too much time and effort on the England malarkey to give us any decent transfer morsels.

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